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Material advantages
We have high purity C、N、F materials for parylene.
Parylene coating is an ultra-thin insulating layer with light weight and no residual
stress, which is incomparable with epoxy resin, UV adhesive and three-proof paint.
The biocompatibility of parylene coating is in line with FDA (Class Vi).
paryleneCoating conformity nbc Requirement (ar70 / afr80 38 / navinst 3400.2)
Parylene coating has strong penetrability and can penetrate into the bottom of SMD device,which is incomparable with the other three-defense materials.
Parylene prevents surface debris and prevents particulate contamination.
The Parylene material of our factory has passed the UL safety certification of the United States, and the UL enquiry number of Dong Tian company is: E316885
TECHNICAL advantages
Today's Dongguan production base has 4800 square meters of production space.
The company now has advanced Parylene coating equipment and advanced technology from Japan.
Dongtian has been engaged in Parylene nano-coating industry for more than 16 years, and has accumulated rich technical experience and a number of outstanding industry elites.
Through ISO9001 international quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental protection system certification
Certified by IATF16949 Automobile Quality Management System, it has served several major automotive brands and automotive electronics manufacturers in the United States.
With a complete set of production technology and equipment and a solid quality control system, the product performance is more reliable and quality is stable.
Application advantages
It is widely applied to:
High end precision electronic products manufacturing enterprises, medical
equipment manufacturing enterprises
Automobile electronics and parts manufacturers, communication
equipment manufacturers
MEMS R & D manufacturing enterprises, components and solar energy
production enterprises, tertiary institutions and research institutes.
Parylene coating, weathering, moisture-proof, anticorrosion, UV treatment
and insulation.
LED products, LED outdoor display surface waterproof, corrosion resistant and anti UV
Magnetic materials and high insulation do not affect magnetism.
Plant specimens, biological specimens, cultural relics and antiques are weathered, moisture-proof and corrosion resistant.
Silicone buttons, silicone products, surfaces are more lubricated and resistant to friction.
Service advantages
We have a strong technical team of 16 years, providing comprehensive, solutions of waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-proof.
Quality first, sincere service, pursuit of excellence, customer satisfaction.
Delivery guarantee and quick delivery


 ​ Shenzhen Dong Tian precision optoelectronic Co., Ltd. was founded  in May 2007, By Feb.1 2016 , Shenzhen Dong Tian precision optoelectronic Co., Ltd.Dongguang branch was founded,Because of the expansion of production. Production base was moved to Keyuancheng industrial park Tangxia town Dongguan city .We are a professional technology company engaged in the design and developmentprovide technical support of new technologies and new applications in China,  and professional engaged in waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-proof processing services.

Dongtian is specialized in technical development of raw materials, equipment, application and other fields, technical service of three-defense solution and production and processing.According to the special requirements of customers, We can constantly improve the production process, improve the quality and reduce the cost, and at the same time provide customers with perfect technical support and service of three-defense solution, which have won wide good praise.Over the past 16 years, dongtian has been committed to the application of Parylene industry in China. Taking the advanced level of international industry as the benchmark,dongtian has been developing and becoming the outstanding one in the parwallpaper industry in China,serving the world's high-end electronic products industry customers better. Basing in south of China , Facing the whole country; Moving towards the world.

Dongtian focuses on the systematic and standardized management of product production process control and quality control.In order to ensure the production of quality, environmental protection products, create green, safety enterprises,We are guided by international industry standards of quality control and environmental protection.Actively import and obtain ISO19001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental protection system certification and IATF16949 automotive quality management system certification.

Dongtian company adopt high-tech automation equipment imported from Japan and unique vacuum chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology.With 16 years of in-depth understanding of parbonded materials and relevant professional knowledge, and rich experience in magnetic materials, rubber, electronic devices and three-defense materials protection,We have provided perfect waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof solution and high quality product service to thousands of high-end electronic product enterprise customers.Therefore, dongtian company has established a good company brand image and industry status in the domestic Parylene  industry.

Dongtian company in line with  the  quality first, sincere service, the pursuit of excellence, customer satisfaction  the business philosophy to serve the industry's distinguished customers


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